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Dee Digital Music at Croydon Queens Garden Mural reveal event

Dee Digital Music/ Child minded project young participants meets Mayor at Croydon Queens Garden Mural reveal.

Dee Digital Music created Childminded Project which is in partnership with YDN and SABA Network; had been approved by the National Lottery fund. Danielle Smith, the founder and Director of this projects aim is to take on Croydon young adults from 18- 25 who are not currently in employment, education or training. This is to develop their talent and enhance their employability. The organisation helps young adults by promoting positive music through many connections including YDN Radio and podcasts Including through our very own Dee Digital radio podcast station. This project was designed to encourage Croydon-based young adults to be more mindful of the content and the influence their artistry has on children and young adults. To become great role models to future generations by being childminded and childminders of our future generations with what they do and the content they create. To bring awareness to the implications of negative music such as drill has on the young and society.

By providing music production, media production, and filming opportunities to get young adults to focus on positive music representations.

The young creatives from the Dee Digital Project have completed this project successfully, they created a song which they choose to be about overcoming heart break, they created this song in a short amount of time and then created their music video representing Croydon which included the Croydon Queens Garden Mural by Mat https://www.instagram.com/atmastudio/
They also created a podcast talk show where they delve into the realm of drill music, exploring its adverse impact on society and personal well being in current times.
His Mural was an Artist time line of musical history in Croydon that featured artist such as Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Avril Coleridge-Taylor, Captain Sensible, Stormzy, Nadia Rose and more.

Nathan, one of the young participants from the Dee Digital Project gave this statement on his experience,

“ I enjoyed the experience and was happy to have support from Danielle and Anne Michelle from the start to finish on the project”

Thanks to the approval from the National Lottery fund and the brilliant partnership with YDN this project made great success in the Croydon area including support from the Croydon Mayor who they met at the Queens Garden Mural Reveal.

The Young participants from the Dee Digital Music Child minded project released their Music video on the 1st July 2023 that features the Croydon Mural you can support this project by liking there Social media.

Help them achieve there goals by Watching and Subscribing there music video.


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