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Gospel Singer Faces Police Harassment for Public Performance. New video shows FIVE of Met’s finest jobsworths not doing there job

A volunteer police officer incorrectly told singer that she could not sing Gospel music outside of Church.

In a disturbing incident on Oxford Street, London, a volunteer police officer wrongly told singer Harmonie that singing church songs outside the confines of a church was prohibited. The encounter escalated, leading to a shocking intervention by five police officers, sparking criticism from onlookers questioning the allocation of police resources and taxpayer money.

Harmonie is 20 years old from London, who shares her love for the Lord through her music she usually sings outside Oxford street which she shares on her Instagram @haroineldn. You can see on her account she has left audiences in good spirits feeling joy, happy and love for the Lord. Harmonie has over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and regularly performs throughout the capital, she claims the situation left her feeling ‘humiliated’, ‘sad’ and ‘bullied’.

Harmoine was singing outside John Lewis’ flagship store when she faced the unwarranted intervention of volunteer police officer Maya Hadzhipetkova. The incident, caught on camera, reveals a heated exchange between onlookers and the officers involved. One passer-by expressed frustration, questioning why law enforcement wasn’t prioritizing more serious crimes such as murders and assaults instead of targeting a harmless busker.

The video footage exposes the unnecessary involvement of law enforcement, with one officer even sarcastically remarking that they would attend a murder only when informed. The situation took an inappropriate turn when, at the end of the encounter, an officer stuck her tongue out at the singer, displaying unprofessional conduct unbecoming of law enforcement.

Scotland Yard have since apologised for the mishap, explaining that the supposed breach was due to unlicensed busking

This incident is not an isolated case, as instances of Christian Gospel singers and preachers facing harassment and humiliation from the police have been reported before. Such actions can contribute to a growing mistrust of law enforcement by the public, as they question the priorities and legitimacy of such interventions.

The Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard have issued an apology for the mishap, acknowledging that the perceived breach was related to unlicensed busking rather than the content of Harmonie’s performance. Hadzhipetkova is currently under investigation for her actions, emphasizing the need for accountability within law enforcement. This has led to Met Police being forced to apologise to the singer, admitting they had got it wrong after officers threatened to take away her instruments following a performance of Amazing Grace.

This highlights the importance of protecting freedom of speech, artistic expression, and the rights of individuals, especially in public spaces. It raises concerns about the potential misuse of police authority and the need for proper training to ensure officers are well-versed in the laws they are enforcing. As society continues to value diversity and inclusivity, incidents like these underscore the significance of respecting individual rights and fostering a harmonious relationship between the public and law enforcement.


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