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Venue to investigate Liverpool S Club concert

S Club concert had a “partial evacuation” due to an unexplained “minor incident” before the show was restarted.

The British Pop group S club formerly known as S Club 7, burst onto the scene in 1998. The dynamic line-up included Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O’Meara, Hannah Spearritt, and Rachel Stevens. Crafted by none other than the mastermind behind the Spice Girls, manager Simon Fuller, they were signed to Polydor Records, quickly becoming a household name and winning hearts with their infectious tunes. By 1999, their popularity had soared to unprecedented height.

S Club’s 25th-anniversary reunion tour hit a hiccup in Manchester as a “partial evacuation” disrupted their performance. The M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, set for the next show, promised a “full investigation” into the mysterious “minor incident.”

The pop legends, formerly S Club 7, made a dramatic comeback but faced unforeseen challenges. Less than 24 hours after the Manchester mishap, they had to cancel their Liverpool gig, citing an unexpected technical glitch affecting power supply and prioritizing fan safety.

Apologizing on Instagram, S Club expressed devastation and rescheduled the Liverpool performance to October 30. The venue, facing power supply issues earlier, emphasized audience safety as their primary concern.

Despite the setbacks, the band remains upbeat about their reunion tour, promising fans an unforgettable experience once the glitches are ironed out. Stay tuned for the electrifying comeback of S Club!

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