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Taylor Swift Takes Staggering Lead in Top 10 Charts

Following the release of her re-recorded studio album “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)”, Taylor Swift continues her record-breaking career as the album outsells the rest of the Top 10 list combined. With an additional six songs added to the album, this marks the tenth consecutive studio album from the “Enchanted” singer to reach number one in the UK. This achievement cements Taylor Swift’s UK chart success to be line with the likes of Madonna, Eminem, and ABBA.

Her illustrious career is also evidenced by the support of her fans who are seen this week contesting for concert tickets for the UK leg of her “Eras” tour. With pre-sale tickets now available, fans are expressing a range of emotions on social media ranging from joy, relief, to frustrations at technical difficulties. Recognising the fleet of thousands of fans, Taylor Swift also announced further UK tour dates to accommodate the demand, however, her popularity will likely still bring ticket sales challenges and full arenas – a testament to the span of her career.

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