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UK MPs demand new legislation around AI in music

UK Music poll found that two thirds of UK adults are concerned about AI replacing human creativity.

In a digital age where artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly blurs the lines between human creativity and technological innovation, a recent poll conducted by UK Music unveils a growing concern among UK adults. Two-thirds of respondents expressed worry over AI potentially replacing human creativity in music creation. Now, the UK parliamentary committee is advocating for new regulations to safeguard the integrity of artistic works and protect creators from unauthorized use.

(APPG) the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music has called upon the British government to implement laws that would prohibit AI developers from utilizing copyright-protected music for training purposes without explicit consent. This move aims to shield artists and creators from the potential exploitation of their voice and image in AI-generated compositions. The committee’s report, published on May 1st, underscores the necessity for regulatory measures to balance the opportunities AI presents with the risks it poses to the music industry.

At the forefront of the proposed legislation is the concept of a comprehensive “pro-creative industries” AI bill. This bill would mandate tech companies to transparently label all AI-generated content and maintain a verifiable record of music used in the development process. More than 100 elected members of Parliament (MPs) and Peers advocate for this legislative framework, emphasizing its importance in safeguarding the rights of creators and consumers alike.

The report also highlights the results of UK Music’s AI poll, which surveyed over 2,000 individuals on various AI-related topics. An overwhelming 83% of respondents voiced support for legal protections guarding an artist’s creative ‘personality’ against replication by AI, particularly concerning the emergence of deep fakes. Moreover, 77% of those polled condemned AI-generated music that fails to credit the original creator, labelling it as theft. The consensus among respondents underscores a strong demand for laws that prevent the unauthorized use of artists’ music in AI training processes.

In response to these findings, the U.K. Musicians’ Union (MU) has commended the parliamentary group for addressed the impact of AI on the music industry. They argue that the proposed recommendations fall short in safeguarding performers. The call for more protection reflects the urgent need to balance technological advancement with the preservation of artistic integrity and fair compensation for creators.

As the UK navigates the complex intersection of AI and creativity, the debate over regulatory measures intensifies.

AI can offer unprecedented opportunities for innovation and artistic exploration, it also poses significant challenges to the fundamental rights of creators. The UK now stands at the forefront of shaping a regulatory framework that ensures the continued vitality and integrity of its creative industries.


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