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Twelve-year-old boy plays DJ set after sign plea

Young DJ Hypester’s Dream Come True: From Sign Holder to Festival Headliner.

A 12-year-old boy, Harry Frost, hailing from Woolton Hill, recently lived out a remarkable dream when he transformed from a sign holder into a festival headliner. Harry, who has been passionately DJing for five years under the moniker DJ Hypester, graced the stage with his drum and bass set at CarFest, in Overton, Hampshire, on a memorable Sunday night.

Accompanied by his supportive parents, Harry’s family brought along a USB stick containing some of his music, just in case the opportunity to perform presented itself. This golden chance materialized when festival organizers noticed the placard Harry held aloft, bearing the simple but heartfelt message, “Let me DJ.”

Even prominent figures in the UK’s drum and bass scene, Chase and Status, took notice of Harry’s talent. They hailed him as a “legend in the making” after catching glimpses of his performance on social media. The duo went further, extending their well wishes for a promising DJ career ahead.

Speaking to the BBC, Harry revealed, “I was pretty nervous, but I was saying to myself ‘nerves are good,’ because that’s what gives me the adrenaline rush, and I like the adrenaline on stage.” It’s clear that Harry thrives in the spotlight.

Remarkably, Harry faces unique challenges as he lives with autism and ADHD. His mother, Barbra, views these conditions as assets rather than hindrances to his musical prowess, noting that they contribute to his “fantastic memory.”

Notably, Harry’s connection to CarFest runs deep, having attended the festival since he was a mere two years old. His experience came full circle when he had the opportunity to meet CarFest founder and former Radio 1 DJ, Chris Evans.

Looking ahead, Harry aspires to return to the festival next year and showcase his talents with an even more extended set. The young DJ’s journey from holding a sign to headlining a festival stage is not only an inspiring testament to his dedication but also a heartwarming example of the power of dreams coming true. Harry Frost, DJ Hypester, is undoubtedly a name to watch as he continues his meteoric rise in the music world.

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  1. DJ Hypester
    September 2, 2023

    Thank you so much for supporting me and for covering my story ❤️

    DJ Hypester


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