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So Solid Crew reunite 22 years after huge hit 21 Seconds

SO SOLID Crew sent fans into a frenzy by reuniting decades after their huge hit, 21 Seconds.

The legendary So solid crew  were highly successful in the early Nineties the members featured Oxide and Neutrino, Romeo, Ms. Dynamite, Dandaman and Lisa Mafia, they were all members of the UK garage collective from London.

Ms. Dynamite received an honour from the Queen 4 years ago which she accepted in honouring her Windrush grandparents and their sacrifices that trumps her long-held negative feelings about empire. when she found out she was being offered an MBE in the Queens Birthday honour she said  her initial reaction was no way.

“I had long-held, deep, negative feelings about empire, establishment, colonisation, the suffering it caused and the suffering that continues today”

She added, “So as I sat, torn over my decision, it became clear and very simple. I would accept the MBE – not because I want to be part of the establishment, or had suddenly stopped caring about the damaging legacy of empire and colonialism, or that it was suddenly all OK, but because I wanted to honour my grandparents, and all of their generation, and the extraordinary sacrifices they made.”

The rapper has had highs and lows in her career and the return of the 22 year old crews come back looks like a fun reunion and highlight of all the members career.

From L-R, Dandaman, Neutrino, Ms Dynamite, Lisa Mafia, Romeo, Kele Le Roc and Oxide reunited at Kisstory

Lisa Mafia, shared the snap on Instagram and captioned it: “Look at All those Superstars in one picture.

“I’m so proud to be part of the greatest genre ever #Garage #UKG #OldSkoolGarage whatever you wanna call it. Love you all.”

They got together for a rare photo at Kisstory over the weekend – 22 years after winning at the Brits – and posed with fellow UK Garage legend Kele Le Roc.

One fan raved beneath the post: “All looking so fresh and youthful still too!!”

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