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Kingsley Ben-Adir revelation ‘Thank God I asked for a singing teacher!’ as he brings Bob Marley to life

Unraveling the Two-Year Odyssey: Bob Marley Biopic Star Discusses the Challenges of Capturing Iconic Moments

Actor Kingsley Ben-Adir talks about perfecting his patois, the power of authenticity and what its like to play an iconic artist such as Bob Marley.

In a downtown studio, 37-year-old actor Kingsley Ben-Adir is on the brink of immersing himself into the final moments of dialogue for the upcoming biopic, “Bob Marley: One Love.” Slated for release on Valentine’s Day weekend, the film marks a pivotal point in Ben-Adir’s career, as he steps into the iconic shoes of the legendary Bob Marley.

Known for his solid supporting roles in projects like “Barbie,” “Secret Invasion,” and “One Night in Miami,” where he portrayed Malcolm X, Ben-Adir now faces the daunting task of playing the Jamaican musical maestro. One of his challenges is imitating Marley’s distinctive patois.

What drew Ben-Adir to this project was its unique storytelling approach. Rather than opting for the conventional cradle-to-grave biopic format, “Bob Marley: One Love” zooms in on a pivotal two-year period. Set against the backdrop of political turmoil in Jamaica in 1976, Marley, already a global star, found himself entangled in a wave of violence stemming from political rivalries.

Attempting to maintain a neutral stance, Marley’s decision to organize a peace concert irked both political factions. The climax occurred just two days before the scheduled event when armed gunmen stormed Marley’s “safe house” at 56 Hope Road. Aiming for the reggae legend, a bullet missed his chest but lodged into his arm. In a miraculous turn of events, both Marley and his wife, Rita, survived the attack.

Choosing self-imposed exile in London, Marley channeled his emotions of betrayal, anger, and hope into the creation of the groundbreaking album “Exodus,” released in 1977. This transformative period birthed some of Marley’s most beloved tracks, including “Jamming,” “Three Little Birds,” “One Love/People Get Ready,” and the evocative title track, “Exodus.”

As Ben-Adir delves into the intricacies of Marley’s life during this turbulent chapter, he grapples not only with the challenge of perfecting the musician’s patois but also with authentically portraying the profound moments that defined an era. In the actor’s own words, capturing the “strange magnetism” of Bob Marley is no easy feat, but it’s a challenge he willingly embraces in bringing this extraordinary story to the silver screen.

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