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Jamacianopoly new limited board game

Your Digital Network (YDN) Introduces a Limited Edition Board Game Celebrating Jamaican Heritage.

Your Digital Network has once again proven its commitment to making local connections and supporting communities, this time through the introduction of an exciting limited edition board game Jamaicanopoly.

Inspired by the vibrant and culturally rich island country of Jamaica, situated in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaicanopoly offers players a unique opportunity to engage in property trading while celebrating the essence of Jamaica.

You can immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Jamaican culture as you explore iconic landmarks like the Bob Marley Museum and Dunn’s River Falls on the custom game board. Traditional Monopoly money is replaced with Jamaican currency, adding an authentic touch to the game and providing players with a truly immersive experience.

The game is designed to educate families and children about the most popular landmarks on the island and in still a sense of Jamaican heritage in an entertaining and interactive way. As players navigate the streets of Jamaica, they have the chance to grow their empires, bit by bit, creating a thrilling experience that combines strategy and fun.

Jamaicanopoly has quickly become a sensation in the UK, bringing families together and spreading joy from country to town. Artists such as LA Gray, have even contributed their music to the promotional advertising of this exciting board game.

Stacey McIntosh, a satisfied customer, shared her enthusiasm, saying,

“Super fun! Our set did come with metal character pieces that scream Jamaica. My 10-year-old loves Jamaicanopoly.”

Reviews pouring in from delighted customers further attest to the game’s success.

Rowe Lucas commended the quick delivery and friendly customer service: “Arrived quickly and provided friendly customer service, which is pretty hard to find these days.”

For more information and to read additional reviews, visit the Jamaicanopoly website or To get your hands on this limited edition board game that promises unlimited fun, contact


Blaze at 07956548781 or Isaac at 07535644850.

Don’t miss your chance to roll the dice and embark on an adventure of building your empire, all while celebrating Jamaica with Jamaicanopoly.

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