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Incognito ‘Keep Me In The Dark’ release

Iconic acid jazz collective, Incognito, paving the way for their upcoming nineteenth studio album, “Into You,” set to launch next month.

Incognito, the iconic acid jazz collective, recently released their latest single, “Keep Me In The Dark.” Originally debuting in 1981, Incognito seemed like a one-time venture, but they made a comeback in 1991, consistently perfecting their feel-good hybrid sound. Throughout their extensive career and evolving line up, they’ve built an extensive music catalogue and performed at numerous global venues.

In 2022, Incognito earned recognition as the inaugural honour in Universal Music Recording’s ‘Black Story’ series, celebrating Black UK artists during UK Black History Month.

“Keep Me In The Dark” is a fusion of jazz, funk, and soul, featuring the soulful vocals of Natalie Duncan, marking her debut with the band. This song explores the intricacies of relationships, where secrets and desires intertwine, and boasts cascading piano solos, uplifting brass arrangements, and driving basslines.

“Incognito” will drop on October 20, offering a captivating blend of jazz, funk, and soul energy suitable for both jazz enthusiasts and casual listeners alike.

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