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Community hub offers free music classes

A community hub is providing free music lessons to young people to help them learn how to create  their own music.

In the heart of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, a transformative project has emerged with the backing of the National Lottery Fund. Kamlesh Parmar, the driving force behind the non-profit organization “The Compound,” was awarded a £10,000 grant to establish a cutting-edge music studio at Hemmingwell housing estate. This studio, situated within Hemmingwell Community and Skills Centre, is on a mission to provide complimentary music lessons to young residents aged 12 to 16.

Parmar’s dedication to his community goes beyond music. He collaborates with MY BACK YARD, a Northamptonshire Police-led project that tackles gang-related crime and violence while guiding young individuals towards more positive choices and employment opportunities.

The newly minted music studio offers seven-week courses meticulously crafted by Parmar and Reuben Harris, a 37-year-old student from the University of Northampton. These courses are tailored to each student’s unique interests and talents, providing step-by-step tutorials in music production. Beyond teaching music, this initiative empowers young talents, giving them the tools to chart their own creative journeys and forge a brighter future. Thanks to Parmar’s vision and the support of the National Lottery Fund, this community-driven project is harmonizing lives, one note at a time.

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