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Celebrities and campaigners rally against PM’s refugee plan

Celebrities and campaigners rally against the Prime ministers Refugee plan.

Bridgerton’s Martins Imhangbe onscreen role as Will Mondrich in the 2020 Netflix series Bridgerton. The character he played is based on the real-life boxer, Bill Richmond. Imhangbe trained for the role with Cuong Hua at The Commando Temple in Deptford. Martin the Bridgeton star and Windrush campaigner Patrick Vernon, along with other prominent figures, have signed an open letter opposing the UK government’s plan to send refugees to Rwanda.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faced a parliamentary challenge but seeks to revive the asylum-seeker plan rejected by the Supreme Court last month. Left-wing MPs and celebrities, including Sophie Okendo, Gillian Slovo, and Gary Lineker, have joined the call to scrap the deal with Rwanda. The policy, originally proposed by ex-Home Secretary Priti Patel, aimed to detain refugees for up to 28 days without bail, drawing criticism for violating human rights. The charity “Together with Refugees” published the open letter, urging politicians to devise a fair strategy for refugees and criticizing the government’s handling as “uncaring, chaotic, and costly.” Lineker, a vocal critic, was briefly ousted by the BBC for comparing rhetoric to 1930s Germany.

The charity calls for better protection, adherence to international law for asylum claims, and a swift process for asylum applications.

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